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How To Facemount Video Series

Presented by David Goetter, sponsored by The Drytac Corporation

Part 1of 4

Materials required for Facemounting

Learn about all of the materials that are necessary for doing a successful Facemount.

• Proper print media selection to avoid slivering. Very IMPORTANT!
• How to specify and buy the right type of acrylic.
• Understanding the construction of Facemount.

Part 2 of 4

Preparing acrylic for Facemounting

Learn different techniques for cutting your own acrylic. See multiple ways to finish the edges of your acrylic.

• Different techniques for cutting your own acrylic.
• How to finish rough saw cut edges.
• Edge polishing using a map gas torch.

Part 3 of 4

Applying Facemount to images

A powerful section loaded with advanced easy to follow tricks and tips. You might just say “did you see that” I can’t wait to try it!

• Setting up your print with a bleed.
• Making the perfect sled.
• New easier hinge technique for Facemount.
• Laminator settings and cleaning your rollers.
• The plastic tube trick makes life easy.
• How to clean your prints the right way.
• How a flashlight can save the day.
• Trimming your print - think before you cut.

Part 4 of 4

Adhering Facemount images to acrylic
and displaying the finished work

Learn the fastest way to align prints, work with a leader board for "precut" sized acrylic. See how to display your Facemount with standoff hardware.

• How to use a leader board for precut acrylic.
• Perfect registration using the Tyler Ruler.
• The plastic tube returns with more functions.
• Adding a backer board for rigidity.
• Using 3 point registration with clamps.
• How to drill holes in acrylic without cracking it.
• Installing stand-offs to display your Facemount.