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The Tyler Ruler -Print Alignment Made Easy!

Details on how to place an order are at the bottom of this page.

Step One

Slide towards board until it auto stops at zero with the built-in edge finder.


Step Two

Slip print underneath Tyler-Ruler and into the patented pass-through area

Step Three

Align to one of three selectable registration marks! Perfect Alignment!

A simple solution to an old problem.

I know aligning large format prints for mounting can be a real challenge. Skewing, image elongation, out of square prints and boards, just make you want to scream! Using the Tyler Ruler makes print alignment faster and effortless. Just slide the Tyler Ruler up to your mounting material until it automatically stops at zero from the built-in edge finder. Next, slip your print underneath and align it to one of three selectable registration marks. The patented pass-through design will accommodate extra media which is typical around large format prints or from the lamination process. This pass-through design saves you time from unnecessary pre-trimming before you mount. You won’t need to use a light table anymore; the Tyler Ruler works even if the image is opaque. Print your images with a bleed and use the 1/8 th or 1/4 inch overhang registration marks to see exactly where to place your print. The Tyler Ruler is like having x-ray vision to see the edge of your mounting material before it’s too late. 

Many Photographers, who "float mount" images find the Tyler Ruler easier to use more accurate than a “T” ruler because it lays flat. So you can stop worrying about misaligned prints. With the Tyler Ruler you'll find that edge you’ve been looking for every time!

Tyler Goetter

How to order...

You can purchase a Tyler-Ruler for $49.00 dollars. Click on the PayPal "Buy Now" button or Add to Cart. Tyler-Rulers are sent only by the USPS and will mail within one or two days after we receive your order.

The Print Alignment Tool is named in memory of my nephew Tyler, who lost his battle with Cystic Fibrosis at the age of twelve. Profits are to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in memory of Justin “Tyler” Goetter.