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Does this sound familiar?

"Dave, we have good equipment and nice employees, but nothing seams quite right, We just have too many mistakes and do-overs. Dave, I'm just not sure if my people really know what they should know or what to do next? We need some help!"


Having trained hundreds of individuals about large format, our On-Site training and consulting is second to none. Check out some of the testimonials below. Then give us a call. I'll be glad to share some phone time with you and provide some direction. And yes it’s free! If you need more help, I can tell you about how our “Products for Applications” training works. It’s a powerful but simple crawl, walk, run, approach to eliminating waste, reducing inventory and increasing sales. With a simple go to market plan that keeps customers from price shopping you. It is by far the best way to avoid having to lower your price and the best way to up sell.

6 buiness rules you should follow..

inside the head of industry expert David Goetter

1. Face reality as it is, not as it was
or as you wish it were.

Money in the dumpster or training? Choose wisley! Did you know the average shop wastes about 5K a year in materials? At a 15% net profit you have to do 70 thousand dollars a year just to recover this loss.

Think you don't have money for training, think again... or go look in your dumpster!

I can show you how to turn this waste into free samples for your salespeople. A nice leave behind for potential clients.

Think about it.

2. Don't manage! lead

Managing is ok but chances are you're just meeting expectations. Leading is quite different it's more about your vision and your people. You might say "Where are we going to be in a year?"

Better said; we are going to be here in a year. Share your vision and direction through leadership. 

Tell me where you want to be and I can help you with the “how”.

Think about it.

3. Change before you have to.

Today, more than ever before, if you are not changing you're just becoming irrelevant. Staying ahead of the competition means change. 

Sometimes you just need confirmation and or just a little push. 

I can help you with changes big or small. Check out my testimonials below, my clients love the results.

Think about it.

4. If you don’t have a competitive advantage, don't compete.

Anyone can buy a large format printer. The only true competitive advantage you can maintain over time is the knowledge of your employees.

So test, train and test again. It's the best way to make your people smarter.

Without continuous training they will show up for work tomorrow with the same knowledge they had last week, last month or last year.

Think about it.

5. Be candid with everyone.

Candid means “truthful even when it hurts”. Yes, I'm candid, but with a twist. I believe that all problems, employee or production related, are opportunities for improvement. It’s a better perspective, focus on the improvement. I don’t drag yesterday into today.

I put systems and procedures in place to avoid having the problem happen. It’s my way of being candid without having to be candid.

Think about it.

6. Control your own destiny or someone else will.

As an owner failure to delegate simple tasks will rob you of precious time you need to study your competition. Just as a football player watches video clips of the team they will play against. Delegating will allow you the time needed to actually drive your business. 

I can help you better understand your businesses' strengths and weakness in relation to your competition and what to do about it!

Think about it.

On the fence?
Check out some of the testimonials below.

“David Goetter was a great help to our company. We started small and expanded very quickly. David helped to standardize our product line, and cut down on inventory and waste. He was also very helpful in giving confidence and knowledge to incoming level salesmen, and problem solving in production. Overall, it was great to have an outside, knowledgeable perspective that increased our sales presence and saved costs.”

JL Lynn Chairman and CEO Lynn Imaging/Monster Color ”

“Hiring David Goetter as a consultant was a great investment in our company. David's knowledge and simplification process of the sales process was very helpful in educating our sales department. His understanding of products, inventory and operations provided a streamlined process in our production department that was missing prior to his consulting. I would recommend David to anyone looking for a great outside and honest perspective of their company”

Mike Feldberg, CEO

 "David’s blend of classroom sessions, organization, training structure and practical application technique provided the BPI team with the opportunity to embrace key fundamental and advanced components in the production color graphics.

David also conducted an extensive audit of BPI’s existing manufacturing processes, personnel and organizational structure to assess infrastructure that could be improved, eliminated or leveraged as we transition our organization into the production of color graphics. We are all extremely engaged and excited by the opportunities and challenges that David presented to out organization. We also feel that the base line continuity David established through his training efforts has prepared BPI to capitalize on color graphics service opportunities as a profitable, professional and high quality service provider. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend David and have already done so." -

Patrick M. Feeley, General Manager 

"Kramer Graphics, located in Dayton, Ohio, has worked with Dave Goetter for many years. We have always appreciated his professionalism, vision, and above all, his ability to communicate complex concepts in an easy-to-understand fashion."

John Kramer, President

Alabama Graphics - "Our company, hired David to take our color business to the next level. We had been fairly successful over the past 10 years but felt we needed some direction, focus and a process that our sales staff could take to market and make it easy for the customer to buy from us. It was an intense two weeks with some tough love mixed in between, but we came out a better organization than we were before. I would recommend David to anyone that needs a culture change."

John Davis, CEO and owner of Alabama Graphics

David Goetter

David Goetter is a 30 year veteran of the sign and screenprinting industry. In 1979, Goetter opened his first sign company. Years later he sold the name of his company, “Fast Signs” to American Fastsigns of Carrollton, Texas. Goetter later developed the wet transfer process for transferring electrostatic images, and licensed it to Calcomp, a division of Lockheed Martin. In 1996, Goetter opened the Digital Graphics International Training Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Focusing on research and training, Goetter developed the industry’s most comprehensive training courses for producing large format products, including teaching at SGIA headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia. His large format course has been attended by more than 1100 individuals. David is also well-known for authoring, “I Could Just Scream” - trouble shooting the top 5 mistakes in finishing. In 2004, he sold numerous patentable process control devices to various large format laminator manufacturers for improving output quality. Goetter has written technical articles for many of the industry’s major trade publications and speaks frequently at trade shows. Goetter is considered by many to be the application expert on large format. Today he does selective consulting for companies involved with large format digital printing.

Need some help?

Please feel free to contact me about anything - large format color - of course :-)


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