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Workshop, presented by industry expert David Goetter - Irvine, California - May 23rd and 24th

I Wish I had more sales...

You say that all the time... I wish I had more sales. Well why don't you? Can't quite put your finger on it? Frustrated? Relax, the course below is all about selling more large format color. Industry expert David Goetter will show you simple and easy steps to create more sales. Check it out... 

What will I learn? 

  • Why sales are below expectations. – I'll start by giving your company a quick physical check up, and a prescription (relax it’s painless – well kind of).
  • Learn what customers really buy and why. – Why so many get it wrong and lose the sale and never go back. 
  • Understanding the 3 types of customers. - Because you have a finite amount of time learn which ones to avoid, and the ones to keep. 
  • Industries and markets that buy large format. - The fragmented efforts sales people have because they don’t understand industry segments and markets. 
  • Commodity products you don't want to make. - If you don’t have a competitive advantage don’t compete. The hardest and best thing you’ll ever do. 
  • Developing a product and product portfolio. - Understanding the application demands and proper materials - time, life span, and duty cycle. 
  • How to get more from your sales team and production. - Developing a better team through communications. 
  • Exclusive go to market strategy. -You get what you pay for - stop cutting your prices and start making more money. 
  • Bonus Materials... Receive a copy of Goetter’s new workbook covering the top 15 applications, titled, “What should I know about large format”. This is an excellent resource tool. In addition, you'll receive a list of 4 highly effective programs you can implement at your facility without doing any of the work.

Who should attend this course and why?

First and foremost, sales personnel should attend with the owner, as most sales personnel do not fully understand the customer’s application demands. They don’t ask the right questions or provide quality consultation based on their limited product and/or application knowledge. This leads to several problems. First, the products are built incorrectly resulting in product failure and/or customer disappointment. Second, by over building products with costly consumables when not warranted by the application, low profit margins result, or worse, the loss of a competitive bid. 

Owner attendance is recommended  to make sure the learned materials are implemented back at your facility. Secondly, in the unfortunate event of employee turn over I highly recommend the owners participation. Remember, it is everyone’s job and responsibility to understand the applications and build a product that will perform to the customers’ expectations by meeting or exceeding the application demands.

When is the next course and how do I sign up?

  • Course name: Selling large format made easy!
  • Date and time: May 23rd and 24th  - 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Registration Deadline: May 9th, 2017 
  • Hosting by: Roland DGA
  • Location: Roland DGA 15363 Barranca Parkway Irvine, California 92618 
  • Who should attend: Owners and Salespersons 
  • Course Prerequisites: Attendees must take online evaluation. 
  • Cost: 750 dollars per person - includes all course materails and workbook
  • Contact: email or call (850) 450-4857 CST
  • Course Seating Capacity: max 15 students


  • “Was thoroughly impressed with the materials presented, technical expertise, depth of experience and winning strategies offered. Was a great learning experience!!”

    Graig G.
  • “I finally understand why we quoted all the time and lost a lot of bids. Great class, I thought it was going to be like some kind of rah-rah pep-rally, boy was I wrong. Just can’t wait to implement your simple sales processes with our team. Thanks, again!

    P.S. Would like to get another copy of your applications workbook, excellent tool!"

    David P
    Accent Imaging
  • This was a great experience learning from someone who knows his stuff, not from just reading about it, but from actually doing excessively and being able to develop techniques better than mine at solving sales problems. This was a wealth of information. Thanks a lot!

    Luke F.
    Mercury Color

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